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Consultation Policy

All consultations booked from this site are carried out with integrity and are for purposes of personal growth and information only.

Consultations are solely for clients over the age of 18.

Cancellation Policy

Consultation cancellations must be made with a minimum of 24 hours notice. Please contact your chosen practitioner directly by email to cancel. Failure to notify your practitioner of your intended cancellation will result in a full charge for the scheduled consultation.


Consultations are intended for guidance and ‘entertainment’ purposes only. 


No consultation should be taken as an alternative cure for illness, however it may be used alongside professional healthcare advice and prescribed medication. 


None of the practitioners on this site are general practitioners of medicine. If you are ill, please consult a qualified health professional.


By scheduling a consultation with me [Melitta Konrádi] or with Darrah, you agree that you will not hold us responsible for any actions you take as a result of any information or advice given.


It is your decision alone to act upon any advice given by me or any other listed practitioner. 

This is your free will and therefore your own responsibility and not the responsibility of Melitta Konrádi Innovative Arts & Wellness.

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