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The natal chart is like a stained glass window that reveals the light of your soul.

~ Mark Jones

About Us

Savitri's Sisters is a contemporary astrology and Tarot consultation practice created for and by women. Our practice is named after Savitri, one of the great heroines of the Mahabharata who saved her husband, Satyavan, from Yama, the Hindu god of death. She is an icon of courage, devotion and intelligence in the face of impossible odds.

Melitta Konrádi, owner of this website and founder of Savitri's Sisters, is a consulting astrologer with an eclectic orientation that integrates Western depth and evolutionary astrology with Yoga and somatic psychology. She has been practicing astrology and Tarot for over 35 years. Her astrology readings examine both the personal and transpersonal aspects of the client's astrological landscape and her embodied approach helps her clients address and heal issues of the emotional body. She engages the Tarot as a meditation practice that cultivates and enhances intuition through archetypal symbolism as a guide to the soul's journey. You can read more about her approach to astrology and Tarot here.

Savitri's Sisters hopes to create a thriving forum for those of you interested in the symbolic language of astrology as a tool for personal development. Our practice is for you if you are an astrology or Tarot enthusiast looking for resources that support you in deep, transformative work and a learning platform where you can expand your skills and knowledge.

You may follow us on Twitter and YouTube and you may book private lessons and consultations with us through this webpage. 

Understanding Your Foundation

In-Depth Natal Chart Consultations

90 minute sessions

€200 standard fee

sliding fee scale available


YouTube Learning Channel

We are launching our YouTube learning channel with two video series:

1. Foundations of Western Astrology

2. Foundations of the Tarot

You can expect to see at least two new video lessons per week.

Each series features structured lesson topics that guide you through the core foundational concepts. By the end of each series you will have a strong foundation in each subject and will be ready to continue on to more advanced levels.

Short videos of up to 6 minutes are free. Longer videos require you to subscribe in order to gain access.

Once the series are complete, they will be available for purchase by lesson topic and as a complete series through our Etsy store. Please sign-up for the website newsletter to receive regular announcements on Savitri's Sisters videos and services.

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