The Holistic Actor Method

an integrative program of bodymind actor training, coaching and holistic wellness

The Inspiration

The Holistic Actor Method was developed by Melitta Konrádi to start a mindful revolution within the theatre community around our approach to emotional states:

  • How we assume responsibility for this aspect of actor training

  • How we address the impact of emotional states on professional actors as part of their work

  • What we communicate to audiences about the nature of human emotion through performance

The Mission

To provide professional actors with a comprehensive approach to the emotional body in performance and support for healthy and mindful engagement with emotional states in performance and in daily life.

Program Services

Summer Intensive 

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Holistic Actor Coaching

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6 Day Intro Workshop

Yoga for Actors

The Method

A comprehensive approach to embodied actor training and coaching employing the following:

  • Rasa aesthetics: the classical Indian performance paradigm of archetypal emotional states

  • Grotowski principles and exercises (to facilitate mastery of emotional impulses)

  • Principles of ritual theatre and sacred space (to delineate performance life from daily life)

  • Vinyasa Krama Yoga (as a core foundation in body|mind integration, breath support, vocal support, physical health, flexibility and focus)

  • Laban/Bartenieff (system of movement studies to support the actor’s movement integrity and expression and their relationship with the performance space)

  • Embodied Anatomy (kinesiology - the inner to outer organization of dynamic movement)

  • Current neuropsychology and somatic psychology related to emotional states

  • A module of holistic wellness practices based on Yoga and Ayurveda

  • Retreat settings surrounded by nature that support grounding, centering, authentic engagement, healthy habits and artistic renewal.


  • Professional actors are ambassadors of emotion for their communities.

  • Health and well-being for actors should be a primary concern throughout the industry and derive from training and professional support that are well-informed about emotional states and the use of emotional states in performance.

  • Emotion is grounded in the body. Acting is an embodied art form where emotion (mind) and physicality (body) are integrated.

  • Mastering embodied emotion in performance is a core aspect of the acting craft and requires holistic training that addresses the actor’s body, mind and spirit.

  • Mindful separation of emotional states in performance from emotional states in daily life is an essential aspect of actor training.

  • Professionalism in the theatre and artistic delivery both depend on the emotional health and integrity of theatre artists.

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