Holistic Actor Coaching

Coaching follows the principles in the Holistic Actor Method, integrating professional development with holistic wellness. Sessions are scheduled by 90 minute blocks and are tailored to your needs.

Coaching is holistic and considers your artistic purpose and growth within your evolution as a whole person.

For actors in training and young working actors, coaching focuses on:

  • Technique Refinement

  • Effective Audition Strategy

  • Career Goals

  • Healthy Sustainable Lifestyle 

For established actors, focus is on:

  • Integration of Experience

  • Career Evaluation

  • Work | Life Balance

  • Higher Purpose

A sliding fee scale is in effect to support actors at different career stages. Payment can be made in cash and through PayPal or Transferwise:

Actors in training - €40 per session

Young working actors - €60 per session

Established working actors - €100 per session

A-list actors - €175 per session

Curated retreats are also available and are recommended for established and A-list actors as the preferred coaching format.

Online coaching support is available for actors who have had at least one in-person session.

The Six Session Intro

The ideal way to try out the Holistic Actor approach and gain meaningful results.

Clients must complete the package within six weeks (minimum of one session per week).

Payment Options:

Full payment of 6 sessions - 15% discount

2 equal payments - 10% discount

3 equal payments - 5% discount

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