Bodywork in the form of Nuat Thai (Traditional Thai Yoga Massage) is available through private sessions and may be included, for an additional fee, as part of any retreat.

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

2 hour private sessions by appointment. €75 per session (plus travel expenses if the session is outside of Keszthely). Payments may be made by Cash, PayPal or Transferwise

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is an Ayurvedic massage style employing acupressure and assisted yoga. A full session rebalances the "nadis" - energy pathways of the body - in a similar way to an active yoga session, which follows the same energetic principles.


A comprehensive practice that achieves both deep tissue and myo-fascial release, its many benefits include:

  • increased flexibility and range of motion

  • balancing of the body's energy pathways (nadis)

  • strengthening of the nervous system

  • resistance to injury


Thai Yoga Massage has proved to be extremely successful in addressing arthritis, upper and lower back pain and stiffness, and stress induced ailments. It is also a wonderful complement to any yoga practice.


In Thailand, it is used to treat depression and anxiety. Recent research on yoga therapy shows that yoga rebalances the endocrine system and neural pathways, which addresses the underlying causes for depression and anxiety.

I have been practicing Thai Yoga massage for over 20 years. I have treated my family and friends as well as paying clients. In my experience, no other massage style is as effective. It is my first choice when receiving bodywork myself.

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