We curate two types of retreats: Holistic Actor Retreats for professional actors and Wellness Retreats for yoga/holistic wellness enthusiasts.

Holistic Actor Retreats combine holistic wellness with personalized actor coaching and are limited to no more than 12 participants. Established actors may request a solo holistic coaching retreat to receive full one-on-one attention.

Wellness Retreats combine Yoga and Ayurvedic Self-Care with specialized programs and are limited to between 6 and 12 people to ensure personalised attention and maximum comfort for everyone.

You may schedule any retreat with a minimum of 120 days notice and a minimum of six participants. A few retreats –

Yoga for Actors Retreat, Yoga & Astrology, Ayurvedic Wellness & Beauty – have annual or semi-annual pre-scheduled dates that you may sign up for.


Please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions for payment options, cancellation information, advice and travel insurance recommendation.

All retreat participants must sign a waiver upon booking specifying terms of attendance to ensure personal and community safety and well-being during the retreat.


All retreats are off-the-grid to ensure the ideal wellness experience.

Accommodation and meals are included in the retreat package price. Meals are vegetarian with the option of a glass of wine at dinner. Conscious cooking is part of our holistic wellness platform and all participants take turns helping with dinner preparation.


Add-on services such as Thai Yoga Massage and private yoga instruction may be included for an additional fee. Please specify your add-ons in your booking request.

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Holistic Actor Retreats

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Wellness Retreats


Retreat Details

Immerse Your Self


Retreats are held at the Sadhana Yoga Retreat Centre on Lake Balaton in Hungary and at various retreat centres on the Ionian islands in Greece. All locations are gorgeous and offer the ideal environment for deep, transformative experiences combined with rest and relaxation in tranquil, natural settings.

The Sadhana Yoga Retreat Centre is in the village of Vindornyalak just north of Héviz and Keszthely, historic resort towns on Lake Balaton. It is within close driving distance of both towns and numerous Balaton wineries, as well as the Balaton national forest and walking trails, and the Zalaszántói Buddhist Stupa. A Sadhana retreat offers natural simplicity at its best amidst the unassuming gems of Hungarian culture.

The Sadhana Centre is sweet and unpretentious with lovely accommodations and grounds. Facilities include an exquisite yoga studio with bamboo floors, spacious indoor kitchen, outdoor traditional Hungarian stone oven, sauna, salt water hot tub, yurta and outdoor seating areas. The centre is pet friendly and your fur babies are always welcome.

Sadhana accommodates small groups of up to 12 people. Accommodation costs are very reasonable at €20 per person/night between April and October and €25 per person/night during the colder months, which are factored into the total retreat fee. This location is ideal for those who want a low cost retreat. Please be advised that the centre may be closed between January and March due to winter conditions.

The Greek Ionian Islands lie in the Ionian Sea along the western coast of Greece and include Corfu, Paxos, Lefkada, Kefalonia, Ithaka, Zakynthos and Kythira.

All the Ionian islands are prime resort and retirement destinations and have large ex-pat populations that add to the local flavour. The climate is cooler than that of the Aegean islands with more rainfall and greener landscapes. The culture of the Ionian islands blends Greek, Venetian and British influences. The cuisine is world-class as are the beaches, night-life and cultural events.

Retreat locations include Itha108 Yoga Retreat on Ithaka, Urania Villas on Lefkada, and other niche centres located on Corfu, Paxos and Kefalonia. Each island is unique and has its own treasures for you to discover. Scheduling an Ionian retreat requires more lead time to ensure location availability and travel arrangements.

An Ionian island retreat offers a luxurious experience amidst breathtaking natural beauty enhanced by the legendary Greek hospitality and enthousiasmós (enthusiasm). Greek culture has always valued holistic well-being:

"The Greeks taught us that if we drift away from our authentic selves, perhaps by focusing on achieving or acquiring “external things” instead of focusing on our true purpose, we will never realize our highest potential. They believed that the end goal of life is evdemonia, a concept involving deep fulfillment, inner and outer prosperity, and being of service to others." (Sharing the Greek Path to Well-Being)

An Ionian island retreat goes to the heart of holistic wellness. Start planning yours today!

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